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Founder & Director of Marketing at A List Promotions

In 1999, Sharon Moss founded A-List Promotions, LLC as a solution to a niche she discovered by marketing events and venues with flyer distribution. A Philadelphia native and artist, Sharon was able to provide clients her services from the design and printing of materials to the final distribution, targeting consumers where they live, work, play and shop.

A graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Sharon is an avid lover of the arts and enjoys working on trend/brand marketing for various businesses, theatrical, entertainment and music companies. Her enthusiasm and intimate knowledge of Philadelphia and its neighborhoods position her as an expert in this field. “I’ve always been punk rock and street marketing really fit. Being outdoors, networking with business owners and negotiating deals…
I was born for this!”

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We are a Female Owned & Operated a Direct Marketing-Influencer Business based out of Philadelphia PA for the last 20+ years. Our “1-stop-shopping” approach is essential for an effective & low-cost direct marketing campaign. Read Our Customer Testimonials Here.

We’ll take a look at your objectives and goals for any outreach, and customize an initiative tailored for you.