Gift of Life Donor Program

Raising awareness about the life-saving power of organ and tissue donation..

gift of life

Our work for Gift of Life Donor Program​

For the past 4 years we have been printing and distributing/displaying the Donor Dash event collateral for the Gift of Life Donor Program. We deliver postcards in stacks at point of purchase in-store locations, primarily on cashier counters. We simultaneously tape Posters on store windows and in-store entrances along with posting on dedicated pinboards.

The client is given suggestions of neighborhood zones to target shopping strips according to the event’s demographics. Each drop-off is completed with a photo of the store name, location and photos of delivered/display with a link to a private Dropbox for proof of distribution.

Flyer Distribution Campaigns

Postcard drops in stacks of 15-20 or more by cashier counter or dedicated display community shelve. Quantity of drops depend on frequency of customer populous.

Window Poster Display

Posters displayed in front window of store in neighborhood zone targeted by popularity of shopping area and demographic. All completed distributions are sent via photo activity report.

Full Service Printing

Printing of postcards and Posters. In-store delivery to pinboards, in-store entrance walls and point of purchase cashier counters. All completed distributions are recorded and sent to client via a Dropbox link.


The A-List Team

We’ll take a look at your objectives and goals for any outreach, and customize an initiative tailored for you.