My Team Monitor

England based ‘My Team Monitor’ hired us for promotion at the newly built Philadelphia Convention Center.

my team monitor

Our work for My Team Monitor

My Team Monitor contacted us from Great Britain. That’s right, England. They wanted to promote new software they had created and create a buzz at the newly built Philadelphia Convention Center. We staffed 2 of our best brand ambassadors to do the job.

Brand Ambassadors were chosen from our staffing talent request form. Reps were given flyers to hand-out and present information to visitors. A script was created providing information and questions for meeting with visitors at the beginning, during and finale of the software convention lasting 2 days. The feedback report is similar to a small focus group without the cost of one!

What was required? Talent Request Form, Minimum of 2 reps, Scheduling Time, Branding Attire/Uniform, Creative Script, 7 hour work day. 1 Supervisor to take photos and record feedback.

Event Staffing

Brand Ambassadors were staffed & uniformed with client’s tee shirt and their own khaki pants. They were also given our branded carrier bags to hold flyers while handing them out.

Face-To-Face Flyer Hand-outs

Brand Ambassadors were given flyers to hand-out and present information to guest using a script created to provide answers and inform visitors at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Distribution Scheduling

Reps were stationed outside the convention center during visitors arrival and departure of the software convention. In between reps were given permits to meet and greet visitors inside in lobby of event.


The A-List Team

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