Penn's Landing Playhouse

Our work was to maximize the attendees at the client’s “Menopause the Musical” event.

penn's landing playhouse

Our work for Penn's Landing Playhouse

A-List Promotions was hired to to bring people to “Menopause the Musical” using Flyer & Poster promotions. The event was on stage at Penn’s Landing Playhouse in Olde City. Neighborhoods were chosen within a 20 mile radius of where the event was taking place.

Upon the completed distribution, a photo activity report was sent via Dropbox for Proof of Delivery. The event was alot of fun and they had a wonderfully talented cast.

StoreFront Window Display

Posters taped inside storefront window facing onto the sidewalk of the designated retail chosen by neighborhood. Passers-by see the event as they walk by on their way to and from work or just shopping.

Flyer Drop-off

Postcards were dropped in neat stacks of 15-20 pieces (depending on popularity of store and customer traffic) at designated retail locations chosen by neighborhood. Flyer Drop-offs at p.o.p. display locations. Point of purchase locations include community shelves, postcard racks, transaction counter or reception desk.

P.O.P. Poster Display

Point-of-Purchase display Posters taped inside retail locations ensures visibility of your event. Ensuring your target patron sees your event when they walk into the store or when they are in the middle of a transaction. Designated areas are entrance/exit or transaction counter/desk.


The A-List Team

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